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A 2019 survey of MPI usages.

As part of a wide-ranging effort to understand the current usage of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) in the development of parallel applications and to drive future additions to the MPI standard, an international team is seeking feedback from the largest possible MPI audience (past, current, and potential users on the globe) to obtain a better understanding of their needs and to understand the impact of different MPI capabilities on the development of distributed applications.

To obtain representative samples of the MPI community, we have prepared a survey. that specifically targets all potential MPI users, including those in the public, education, research and engineering domains–from undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs to seasoned researchers and engineers.

The information gathered will be used to publish a comprehensive report of the different use cases and potential areas of opportunity. The raw data, the scripts to manipulate it, and the resulting analysis will be, regularly posted on github, while the curated results will be available via github pages.

For anyone interested in participating in the survey, we sincerely appreciate your feedback. The survey is rather short (about 30 easy questions), and should not take more than 15 minutes to complete. In addition to your participation, we would appreciate if you re-distribute this e-mail to your domestic/local communities.

Questions? – Please send any queries about this MPI survey as an issue on the github repository.

Thank you on behalf of the International MPI Survey,